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The Abstinent Shopaholic

abstinent shopaholicStarted in May 2013, the premise of this blog was to chronicle my journey not shopping for 365 days. I sought to see how much of a shopaholic I really was.

Purpose: This Tumblr will provide a forum for me to share in this journey: posting outfits I create based on what I have in my wardrobe; teaching others how to maximize use of certain pieces, & providing fashion tips tailored to body types.

  • About: In an attempt to loosen materialism’s grip on my fashionista soul I pledged to, and succeeding in going, shopping free for a full 365 days from May 4, 2013 – May 4, 2014.
  • Content: Pictures of daily outfits and written blog posts. A full catalogue of my closet coming soon!
  • Website: