Master’s Thesis

My Master’s in Health Information Science thesis uses data from my Professor’s study in the NHS in the United Kingdom looking at two groups of patients with early stages COPD over an 8-week intervention program.

The experimental group had an in-home medical monitoring device. This device asked them qualitative questions about how they felt and took quantitative measurements such as oximetry, blood pressure, & heart rate. Depending on whether or not an alert was triggered by the device–an alert indicates that the patient is outside of their comfortable range for each qualitative and quantitative variable–then a nurse from their primary care provider would be in touch.

The control group merely had the same qualitative and quantitative measurements taken at 4-5 intervals during the 8-weeks.

By searching the nursing notes to see what the health care professionals were thinking about the data per patient, combined with looking at hospital readmission data from their acute care records, I am trying to determine whether their health status is impacted by the medium of care–device vs. in-person.


TL;DR Ergo, in short, I am trying to determine if using and in-home medical monitoring device makes you healthier or sicker.