No More Nostalgia

We all have elements of our pasts that we remember. How we interact with these memories is something I would like to explore. This is still in the early stages, however here are some ideas from my initial brainstorming:


No More Nostalgia – “because mourning comes in many forms”

Description: In life there are certain milestones that usually involve champagne, celebration, and smiles for [infinity sign] cameras. Yet, those moments are based on awaiting an unknown future while a familiar past is fleeting. Here, we allow you to fully reflect in unending nostalgia. Here, your glass can be half full of past pleasures and half empty like the ever-depleting hourglass of your life. Here, you are empowered to embark on a new era in life WITH your baggage. Others may ask you to leave it behind or bring your “fresh” perspective into your new setting, however we implore you to remember. We let you move on without forgetting where you just were (“Jenny from the block” is a platinum member). So congratulations on your new life stage – lay your memories to rest with us.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to make a mockery of lost loved ones in any way. The intention of this site is to meet the needs of our increasingly consumerist, commercialized society yet also attempt to bring us back to our most fundamental human feelings and provide a forum in which one may lament the loss of loved items, occasions, experiences, or beloved memories. Ultimately we believe this will provide a greater catharsis, allowing our patrons to pass into their future regret-free, ready to accept new challenges having appropriately parted with the past. Because mourning comes in many forms.