25/30: Thank You WSLab, Boost VC, & Unshackled Ventures

Before I name names, thank you so much to my anonymous investors too. You each profoundly impacted/changed my life. Thank you. 


Ari Horie gave me international lift and access to Silicon Valley through the WSLab. I was honoured to meet Chris Yeh, Steve Fram, and many other amazing folks who I still keep in touch with.

Ari, thank you for taking housing into consideration. That offers accessibility to the innovation-rich region that is often out of reach for non Bay Area residents. Thank you also for catering to women in an environment that isn’t built with us in mind. Thank you for enabling me to spend more time in the Bay Area.

I really appreciate everything Ari, thank you.

Boost VC

Thank you Adam for investing in me. Thank you for forcing us to focus on only 1 key metric week over week in 2018. That really changed my perspective about the business. And thanks for the book essentialism. I have definitely narrowed in on the right things lately and am seeing the growth to prove it. Thanks for the push in the right direction.

You should be so proud of so much at Boost. I’ve said the below many times to each of you privately and will share now publicly:

  • The way you fund internationally-based founders is amazing and outpaces any other US firm (that I’m aware of). Well done and thanks for leading on that way.
  • The free housing you provide is a huge equalizer to allow founders from different backgrounds to get a shot. This is amazing and thanks for being an equality champion. 

Thank you Brayton for investing and also reinforcing the constant customer focus. Thanks Jessica for your contributions, kind help, and cheerful demeanour. It is always nice when I get to see you. Thank you Langa for making the family dinners super classy! You clearly can run communities right down to the specific touches. I also really like your energy. You bring a lot of great vibes. I hope we have an opportunity to work together more.

And of course, I already had many great things to say about Maddie. A real gem.

Unshackled Ventures

First, thank you Manan and Nitin for choosing to invest in me. Thank you for steadily standing by my side through this process; with all its twists and turns.

In due diligence your questions used to scare me a bit Nitin. They were tough. Now, I’m delighted to have a partner on the same side of the table who will ask those questions of others. I remember the exact moment when it went from you grilling me, to you grilling my lawyers–loved it! You’ve also been fabulous to work with on the USA visa side too. Thank you so much. I don’t take for granted all of your time and energy in skritswap.

Manan, I still remember meeting you in the Boost basement and walking away being like whoa–I like this dude. This could work. You have consistently demonstrated a patience, a fairness, and an openness I think other investors can learn from. Thank you for being tough on me too. Both you and Nitin know when to bring the heat. I appreciate it and am working to grow into, and beyond your expectations.

You said you’d be a hands on firm, and wow did you ever deliver on that! You’ve been so fantastic that I always want a firm like you as I look for new partners at bigger rounds.

I have already extended a big thank you to Lucas. Thank you Maria for talking through customer identification and PMF with me. I really appreciate working through things on the whiteboard with you. It’s great to brainstorm together. You have a clear perspective on tests founders can run to find PMF. Thank you for taking the lead on all the USA visa related stuff too.

Thank you Michael and Rita for enabling me to working the USA and expand my business with more USA customers in the last few months than ever! I really appreciate all you do. And of course, Kris and Dominique too. Keep your 100% record.

I’d like to send a pre-emptive thank you to Sarah and Ehi who I haven’t worked with yet. But I know that if Unshackled hired you, you must be pretty amazing. Looking forward to actually cracking into the odd brainstorming session with you! Welcome aboard.

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