30/30: And now I’m 30 – Thank You

In case you weren’t counting, I mentioned by name >450 people these last 30 days. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Whether you were mentioned or not, I can assure that if we’ve met I probably remember what you were wearing, what we talked about, and I know you shaped me in at least some small way. Thank you for that. You can even ask my assistant – she is constantly astounded at my memory. 

For those who know you shaped me in big,
powerful ways but aren’t mentioned because of my previous exclusion criteria –
thank you too. For better and for worse you helped make me. 

The End

30 years down. Hopefully I’ll have 2x 30 more
years to go! I can’t imagine the multitude of folks I’ll have to thank by 60.
And 90? My goodness! 

If we haven’t met yet, but you liked reading these intimate expressions of my gratitude – please reach out on Twitter @melkargi or Linked In. Maybe I’ll write about you in 30 years.

Thank you from the ocean of love in my

Melissa Kargiannakis

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