27/30: Thank You Kris Reyes, Reva Seth, and Jen Couldrey

May 1, 2020

Kris Reyes What started as just a cost-effective shared ride from San Francisco to San Mateo with Kris Reyes, turned into a friendship that I am so grateful for. In fact, we just had another beautiful, engaging, rich, and deep conversation (the kind that I relish) this past Saturday. With Tenzin too, it was magical. Kris…

26/30: Thank You Michael Dingle

April 30, 2020

If you ask Michael Dingle how we met, he’ll tell you I “attacked” him on Twitter. I’ll leave the exact adjectives up to your imagination. All I know is he was tweeting about female founders through move the dial and so I tweeted back at him. As soon as he followed me back, I slide…

25/30: Thank You WSLab, Boost VC, & Unshackled Ventures

April 29, 2020

Before I name names, thank you so much to my anonymous investors too. You each profoundly impacted/changed my life. Thank you.  WSLab Ari Horie gave me international lift and access to Silicon Valley through the WSLab. I was honoured to meet Chris Yeh, Steve Fram, and many other amazing folks who I still keep in…