24/30: Thank You Peter Dal Bianco, Maddie Callander, and Lucas Rocha

April 28, 2020

Peter Dal Bianco Peter and Sudbury welcomed me with open arms as a fellow Northern Ontarian. Even better, they put their money where their mouth was. Peter did an exceptional job of putting me in front of angels who would actually back high tech. Among them, Dr. Saunders was a huge signalling point for other…

23/30: Thank You Joseph Fung

April 27, 2020

No words could ever capture the gratitude I have for Joseph Fung. Joseph cut me my first ever investor cheque. He gave me a shot. Building Trust I met Joseph in October 2016. My GoFundMe to get to Silicon Valley as one of the few women in the world selected to be in the Women’s…

22/30: Thank You skritswap Sault Ste. Marie Supporters

April 26, 2020

When I started skritswap I chose to move from my amazing Bay St. condo overlooking the water in downtown Toronto, back to Sault Ste. Marie. I wanted to show the world that you can build a globally competitive aritificial intelligence technology company, anywhere. Even in Northern ON. I always wanted to be a catalyst and…