18/30: Thank You to my Toronto Mentors

April 22, 2020

In this post I’d like to highlight folks who I also met through MaRS DD Studio Y, but who I went on to know, perhaps even better, after my time there. Zayna Khayat – I pretty much idolized you when we met. Which I’m sure you knew. I couldn’t believe that you would actually spend…

17/30: Thank You Sameer Vasta

April 21, 2020

I cannot think of Toronto without thinking of Sameer Vasta. He was the single most influential force for me in Toronto. When I was new and nervous, Sameer welcomed me as if we’d always been friends. Somehow he is able to blend the personal and professional effortlessly. I felt an intense closeness with him that…

16/30: Thank You to my Studio Y Friends

April 20, 2020

Following the same theme, I celebrate the mentors of that part of my life first, and then my friends. Here’s to all my fellow Studio Y friends. We are connected by a transformative shared experience that will bond us for life. Meghan Hellstern – we weren’t even in the same cohort, but I am delighted…