12/30: Thank You to Deb Matthews, Grace Palombo, Harpreet Bassi, Chelsea Prescod, & Julie Ridgewell

April 16, 2020

Between my undergrad and Master’s I forged deeper relationships with 5 women who I now know to be my among my first ever mentors (after Mrs. Reece, of course). All 5 of these women gave me very important advice through 2012-2013 in particular. Their wisdom and input shaped the choices I made which in turn…

11/30: Thank You to Dr. Fitzsimmons

April 15, 2020

Dr. Fitzsimmons was the main reason I did my Master’s. She brought health informatics teaching to the Faculty and merged my two loves: technology and healthcare. She blew my mind with actual studies with patients on fall recognition devices, clinical decision support tools, using technology for prescriptions, in-home medical monitoring devices, and more. All the…

10/30: Thank You to my Undergrad Friends

April 14, 2020

Following the previous theme from both elementary and high school, of not being particularly skilled at anything beyond music, and thus trying everything, I did EVERYTHING in university: student’s council charity events business clubs cultural clubs like the Hellenic Society (Greek club) soccer exercise classes at the gym the Faculty of Music choir, even though…