6/30: Thank You to Mrs. Reece

April 10, 2020

Mrs. Reece was my first ever mentor. Though I didn’t realize that was the nature of our interactions until we’d already been chatting regularly for 8 years. I was fascinated by her. Among many little things along the way, she made 2 specific impacts on my life at 19 and 24. Sault Ste. Marie mentorship…

5/30: Thank You to my Elementary School Teachers & Friends

April 9, 2020

The Power of Consistency I got to go to the same elementary school from Junior Kindergarten all the way to Grade 8; on account of the stability of living in the same house. And that house was just around the corner from school. Rain, shine, or snow I walked to school every day. Uphill only…

4/30: Thank You to Sault Ste. Marie Folks

April 8, 2020

Growing up in a small town was wonderful. It was just small enough to know a lot of people and make connections between most folks. And it was just large enough that you didn’t know everyone directly. Ample room to run around and play. And small enough that you could cut across town in 10…