Kargiannakis Korah Scholarship

Hello There!

It has been 12 years since I graduated from Korah. I want to give back to my community and help the next generation in some small way. I am personally contributing to this scholarship so it is starting small and will grow over time. There will also be a large Alumae network.


In honour of my 30th birthday in May, I am giving away $300 CAD. This scholarship is NOT based on grades, it's not based on extra-curriculars, it's not based on essays; it's only based on the 3 questions below that you will answer in a short 3-5 min video.


Watch the video and read the below for details on the Kargiannakis Korah Scholarship.


Due Date: June 30th 11:59pm Eastern



  • any women-identifying student graduating from Korah C & VS in June 2020
  • your top 6 courses average (what you'd apply to post-secondary with) is between 82% - 93% (not below and not above)
  • you do NOT need to be applying to college or university
  • film a 3-5 min video, on your phone is fine and send a YouTube unlisted link to the video in the contact page of this website


In 3-5 mins Your Video Must Explain:

  1. Why you should win the $300
  2. What you will do with the $300 / how it will help you
  3. Share your potential: What will you achieve in your life? What are your goals and dreams? Do you have undiscovered talent? Do you feel that sometimes people underestimate you?

It would probably also be helpful to have a quick intro, who you are, what your favourite school subjects are, interests, etc. 



To Apply: Fill out the contact form on this website with the subject line: Kargiannakis Korah Scholarhip and a link to your video in the body text. Please also include your email and cell phone number