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Melissa’s mission is to Rebalance Power in Society…


inspired to reduce injustice


Melissa is

A futurist, founder, & tech advisor. She’s won awards from The Queen of England, The Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, and the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada. All before 30.

Those achievements are built on a foundation of insatiable curiosity and a strong sense of excellence. People say that she exemplifies tenacity, grit, and impressive intellectual horsepower. Inspired by inequity all around since childhood, Melissa’s life purpose is to rebalance power in society.

Melissa is an executive coach to world-class founders. Her 4 core areas of expertise are: (1) fundraising, (2) traction / GTM / PMF, (3) operational excellence (OKRs/KPIs), and (4) confident & authentic B2B sales. She’s coached more than 300 founders with glowing reviews and an NPS of 96.

Beyond coaching, Melissa ran a VC-backed AI start-up for 4 years and now works at Cloudflare on go-to-market customer retention.


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