Melissa Kargiannakis,

Coloratura Soprano

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a talented coloratura soprano with a wide range from F3 to D6. Most notably, she was a soloist with the Ontario Youth Choir in 2010 performing Schubert’s Standchen; competed in Provincials in Toronto, Ontario in 2008 for the Royal Conservatory Grade 8 category; and performed un bel di vedremo from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly at Cambridge University in 2015. Melissa is fostering her talent and love of music once again in San Francisco.

Melissa’s musical theater history includes 8 musicals–5 as the lead. See her as understudy to Pippa in the Lamplighters production of Il Ducato (Operetta based on The Mikado) in August 2023.

Melissa has a long musical history beginning playing the piano in 1997 with lessons until Grade 8 proficiency in 2008; private classical voice lessons 2001-2008 // 2022-present; and performing in competitive audition-only choirs internationally. In 2014 – 2015, Melissa sang on Sunday’s at Grossman’s Tavern in Toronto–known for its big band and jazz style live music. She’s been a paid performer at various celebrations, weddings, and funerals.

Over the years, she’s coached 302 founders, who awarded her an NPS of 96. With 76% of founders giving her a perfect 10/10. Founders say: “very tactical and had done it before,” “no vanity or generic advice,” “a textbook’s worth of information,” “clear and direct guidance”.

Beyond coaching, Melissa has won awards from The Queen of England, the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, and Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada. All before 30. People say that she exemplifies tenacity, grit, and impressive intellectual horsepower. Melissa has also worked in public health, at the largest innovation centre in Canada, published her Master’s science research, and sits on various nonprofit boards in the USA, UK, and Canada since 2015.

All of these achievements are built on a foundation of an insatiable work ethic, sense of excellence, and clear life purpose is to rebalance power in society.

As a former founder herself, Melissa knows what it takes to raise multiple rounds in the Bay Area for an AI / NLP start-up and grow to a team of 23 with large banks and insurance companies as paying customers.

Lately, she keeps a limited roster of high caliber coaching clients which you can apply to join here.

Current Singing

Melissa’s most recent role was as understudy to Pippa in the Lamplighters production of Il Ducato (Operetta based on The Mikado) in August 2023.You can see Melissa perform at The Battery on Wednesday’s once a month in San Francisco. Occasionally on Thursday’s at The Ally in Oakland. Melissa is currently in the SF Choral Society choir in San Francisco as a Soprano 1 or 2, as needed.

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Photo taken by Lucas Buxman

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