Melissa Kargiannakis

Coaching world-class founders in 4 core areas:

Coaching world-class founders in 4 core areas
Founder 168
“No vanity or general advice. She was extremely specific about how I should get the warm intro and how I should write the intro blurb. That is super helpful.”
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Founder 168
“Melissa gave me a textbook’s worth of information related to fundraising strategy. She gave clear and direct guidance for not only how I should prepare for my fundraise but also how I should position myself.”
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Founder 13
“She was very tactical and had done it before, I found her insightful and motivating. She also offered to introduce me to someone I’ve been looking to speak to”
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Founder 281
“She was very tactical and had done it before, I found her insightful and motivating. She also offered to introduce me to someone I’ve been looking to speak to”
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Founder 79
“She was very intentional about how to help. She gave me guidelines for how much to fundraise. She also gave me an idea of how to get introductions from other founders. She was overall extremely helpful and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help for fundraising.”
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A Message from Melissa

Meet Melissa

Melissa Kargiannakis is an executive coach to world-class founders. Her 4 core areas of expertise are: (1) fundraising, (2) traction / GTM / PMF, (3) operational excellence (OKRs/KPIs), and (4) confident & authentic B2B sales.

Over the years, she’s coached 302 founders, who awarded her an NPS of 96. With 76% of founders giving her a perfect 10/10. Founders say: “very tactical and had done it before,” “no vanity or generic advice,” “a textbook’s worth of information,” “clear and direct guidance”.

Beyond coaching, Melissa has won awards from The Queen of England, the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, and Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada. All before 30. People say that she exemplifies tenacity, grit, and impressive intellectual horsepower. Melissa has also worked in public health, at the largest innovation centre in Canada, published her Master’s science research, and sits on various nonprofit boards in the USA, UK, and Canada since 2015.

All of these achievements are built on a foundation of an insatiable work ethic, sense of excellence, and clear life purpose is to rebalance power in society.

As a former founder herself, Melissa knows what it takes to raise multiple rounds in the Bay Area for an AI / NLP start-up and grow to a team of 23 with large banks and insurance companies as paying customers.

Lately, she keeps a limited roster of high caliber coaching clients which you can apply to join here.

Areas of Expertise for Coaching:

  • Fundraising Coaching:
    Preparation, Prospecting, Pipeline, Payoff
  • Traction Coaching:
    Accountability right down to the daily activities to hit KPIs
  • GTM / PMF
  • Team Leadership
  • Operation Excellence
  • Implementing OKRs
  • Confident and Authentic B2B Sales

How do I know what type of coaching I need?

Fundraising Coaching Traction Coaching Ops & Sales Coaching
What is it? 4 step fundraising process:

  1. Preparation
  2. Prospecting
  3. Pipeline
  4. Payoff
  • 2 week sprints to drive growth
  • Accountability partner to hit key metrics
  • Preparation for full fundraising round
  • Focus areas tend to include: team composition & expansion, managing your team, measuring your success, maximizing your success, growth toward next targets / fundraising round, etc.
Who is it for?
  • Pre-seed & Seed
  • Founders raising $1M - $5M USD especially from Bay Area VCs
  • Han MVP (ok even if unscalable human- based MVP)
  • Have some hypotheses about first target market that need to be tested
  • At a clear inflection point in the business: growing headcount, growing sales, just closed a fundraising round

When you work with Melissa it is simply executive coaching. These focus areas are meant to match your needs with Melissa’s core areas of expertise. This can help focus coaching sessions.

Founders will often move between these different focus areas. Sometimes starting in a fundraising round, then moving to traction ahead of the next round, then onto operations excellence plus confident and authentic B2B sales. Other times they could start with ops & sales focus before moving to traction and then fundraising. Everything is fluid.

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